by Caring

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First album from Caring, free to the public forever.


released March 24, 2015

Lyrics/Music:Sean Schutt
Recorded on Tascam Dp-008
Mastered poorly by Sean Schutt at Really Sad House



all rights reserved


Caring Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Caring is the solo project of multi- instrumentalist Sean Schutt, Sorry.

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Track Name: First Day of School
Out of bed
What a day
Throw my sheets
In a pile
Clean myself
No rush
Water Warmth
So swell
All before the sun comes out

Clothes are on
Feels nice
Dryer Lint
Oh well
Grab my bag
Put it on
Hit the door
Oh hell
All before the sun comes out

Standing still
In the dark
Toxic Blood
In my shoes
Pull them out
Fire ants
All before the sun comes out

Bare Feet
Cool Air
Lamp Light
Pink sky
Yellow Bus
Picks me up
Track Name: Holy Vow
When you get time I want you to find me,
Tell me I was no more than a dream

If I wake up before you,
I guess I’ll erase you from my head

Get up and move around
Rub my eyes out, so to create a bright new day

Creation is a foreign thing,
Juxtaposed to who I am, when I’m awake

Give it time
Give it to me

If I find time, I’ll write to you again,
To Tell you , you were no more than a dream

If you wake up before me,
I guess you’ll erase me from your head

Can’t get up and move around,
Rub my eyes out, but now I cant see

Elation is a foreign thing,
Juxtaposed to who I am, when I’m asleep

Give it time
Give it to me
Track Name: Brother
Under and over hill top brother

Find a way Find a way

Take a map, so safe
Take a left, too late
Take your time, oh yeah
Take a nap, ahhhhhhh

Until Next time goodbye my brother

Get away Get away

Pushing off, oh no
In a while, maybe
Out of mind, slipping
Take a nap, ahhhhhh
Track Name: Flowers
Something Secret
My hearts beating
In the Flowers
My Ears ringing

Oh it’s hard I know

Finding places
In your places
Primal Chases
In smiling faces

Oh it’s hard I know

Smiling lilies
Happy Lilacs
My heads spinning
What a High!

Oh it’s hard I know

You’ve become too bold
Become too cold
I’m so old

It’s October now
So Happy now
On Happy ground
Oh wow! Wow!

Won’t you come over now?
Maybe not now?
I’m so surprised
Your happy eyes
They’re coming down
So sad, how?
Oh wow! Wow!

I’m taking my time
No rushing now
Easy baby steps
Don’t Fall over now
On shaky knees
I’m a child now
Oh Wow! Wow!

Time for Sleeping
In my Dreaming
Flowers so pretty
Colors so loud
Oh it’s time to go

My Eyes Blinking
So erratic
Getting Dizzy
Gonna die

Oh it’s time to go

Rolling over
Feeling hot now
Secret Sweating
Say Goodnight

Oh it’s time to go
Track Name: White Heat
Leaves in the air blow
Letters from you oh
Bad news to follow
Steam shoots up, oh no
Into the grave I go
Into the grave I go

Why is it I lost you
Why is it you haunt me
Even in the new year
It’s clear as far as I see

Walk through the back streets
Pass the people I meet
Jumping past white heat
That’s where I find me
Inside a casket
Inside a casket

Why is it I lost you
Why is it you haunt me
Even in the new year
It’s clear as far as I see

Back into my house
Where my clothes come off
In the tub I go
Gonna get real clean
Or maybe I’ll just sleep
Or maybe I’ll just sleep

Why is it I lost you
Why is it you haunt me
Even in the new year
It’s hard to see
Track Name: Keys
Toss in my sleep
Keep waking up.
There’s no use in
Closing my eyes.
Only you would know,
I told you last night.
It got so bad
I forgot how to move.

Two pairs of keys In my sleep,
two doors I keep in my dreams.
Who knows where they go anymore
I don’t care to try, so
I’ll swallow the keys.
Some doors are best kept closed.
Some dreams are best woken up.
I don’t think I’ll fall asleep anymore.

When I’m awake
Some things keep
My eyes shut.
Don’t want to go
Back, but my mind
Wont race for long.
I can’t keep them from sleep anymore.

Only one key to stay up.
Two eyes I can’t keep open.
They race back and forth (back and forth).
I don’t think I can, but
I think they start speaking.
Some dreams are worth sleeping.
Some doors are worth opening.
I don’t think I’ll fall asleep anymore
Track Name: Snow Day
Great Big White Coat
Make it to my Door

Oh it’s a flurry
God save the animals?
What about us?
Can we go too?

Stretched, No School Day
Salt on the road

There is no hurry
There’s footprints in the snow
Should we follow
So we can go too?

Last day Oh no
Something in the Snow

Now my hearts beating
Oh no
There is no turning back
Getting dizzy
What a snow day!

Back in my bed
Ice, kiss my toes

Oh what a fun day
Where are the footprints now
Lost in the snow
Am I lost too?
Track Name: Bones
You are my only key to the outside.
Although were only out at night time.
Do you still feel me in lamplight?
Even if you only feel it’s part time.

I remember when it was sunshine.
I remember when your skin glowed.
I remember being twelve years old.
It was different, I was different I know.

I remember when the sun burnt out.
And you froze to your bones!
And I remember seeing you.
And I froze to my bones!
Track Name: Friends
We were together then we all went away
We wasted so much time
Rolling in ambition we were fighting the day
We sit alone in the night
Like ghost we haunt each other with sheets in our brains
Warning of hungry eyes
If you want to go away and be alone
For some time, that’s fine.

Even I know that it takes some time
To live together
Even I Even I know in time we may not
still be together

Sitting on my thumb I’m still waiting for you
Maybe I’m pacified
And If that is the case I still hope you’ll come around,
We’ll have so much fun
I still think of all of us sitting alone,
On that pier, it was cold.
If I never see you and you never write,
I guess that this is goodbye.
Track Name: Dream
I get this itching
Yeah I’m feeling down
I don’t even
move around
So why do you
Hang around
You should just go

Something in the middle
Keeps you here
I wish youd take it from me
Feels like I’m living a dream
No it feels like I could die
But I don’t know why.

Sometimes I try to keep you out
Sometimes you know what its about
Other times you tell me
“Get a new scene”

I feel so indifferent
It feels so perfect
I wish you'd stop bothering me
Let me feel like it’s a dream
Let me roll back over
Track Name: Harm
If you’ve got to be hard on yourself to deal with me,
Give it up, don’t be harmed.

If I scream at you, never mind me, run
Let me down, I’ll be loved.

If I can’t remember, what I used to be
Please don’t remind me, Hun.

I’ll grow old surely; you’ll live on forever,
In my memory, love.

But if you’ve stuck around,
Like flies in bear’s honeyed mouth.
You’ll be harmed.

Mean ole’ bear spit up on you,
Have you still not run?
You may never be loved.

But you’ll remember who I used to be,
And begin to see, you’re just like me, Hun.

I’ll grow old surely; you’ll live on forever,
In my memory, love.
Track Name: Itt'l Never Be the Same
No I’ve never seen
Never believed you
How can it be you

Yes, I know the way
I found the way
Looking out for you

But how could it ever be you
How can I ever see you
If I never believe
I never think its true
I don’t know you

Whenever I think about it
Fever fits in between my eyes
Everything I think I feel
It’s actually a disguise

wont say I never liked you
But I feel I never loved you
If I never loved me
Love could be anything its true

Living through a haze
A foggy lense
Phantoms dance In my eyes

Easy to pretend
Everything is living
And that I’m alive

If dying hasn’t stopped me
But living never leaves me wanting
And sleeping always keeps me tired
What’s to say all my livings through

I’ll keep on walking
Keep on talking
Being with my friends

Until they all left
Nothing to say
Somehow still surprised

Even though I feel like crying
Even though I’m still lying
I don’t feel anything
Anymore, it’s true

Now I sit alone
I don’t get stoned
I wont even try

Making new friends
Nothings known
It feels like exercise

Too bad I feel so lazy
It’s hard to leave my room
Making life better
I don’t think it’s true

No ittl never be the same
No ittl never be the same
No ittl never be the same
No ittl never be the same
Without you