by Caring

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Second Album from Caring.


released April 30, 2015

Sean Schutt - Instruments and Lyrics
Recorded/Mixed - DP-008Ex



all rights reserved


Caring Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Caring is the solo project of multi- instrumentalist Sean Schutt, Sorry.

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Track Name: Stretch
Good fit
So soft
It glows

When I’m
In bed

No phone
It blows
Me up

I’m off
Then on

It’s like boredom and weakness

It’s like I’m drifting away

But simpler like wincing at night

With bad dreams vacant and empty

So dull
Still glows

And I’m
My best

My phone
Eats me
I am

I’m in
Track Name: Find Your Comet Pt. 1
I know that I’m moving away
You know that you're moving too
Maybe we will be gone forever
Or maybe we'll move as two

In times when I feel distant, afraid
There's times when I think of you
I know I could be lost forever
If someday id run into you

I know that you’ll eventually find
The tail of a comet that you left behind
Track Name: Corners
Feelings of longing hiding inside
My head the corners in darkness
So why do I care for sunlight or wanting to stay alive

My friends still in the corner of my mind
and im tied down living my life
Consumed by small thoughts of nothings and goodbyes
Track Name: Pictures of Me as a Child
If there are no pictures of me as a child
Do I even remember what I look like?
Was I brave, or was I cold?
How could I know?

There are no pictures as me as a child
Did I ever grow up?
Will I ever grow old?

I don't care to look at pictures of me as a child
I don't remember who I was
I'm not brave, I'm not cold, in a wave of indifference.

I'm not saying I'm not alright
Is it me in the frame?
Is it me in these bones?
Track Name: Waiting Song
Nothing like this has happened before
Waiting on my couch for you to show up at my door

Nothing like this has happened before
Laying on my floor waiting for you

Nothing like this has happened before
Nothing like this will happen again
I'm waiting for you to come over so we can be friends

Nothing like this will happen again
Sometimes I feel like I never win
I'm laying on my bed and I've been here before
Track Name: untitled
There's a sickness in youth
Its like chasing heart
Only to find a hidden self
Then bursting apart

The days when I dream
Am I thinking of you
Am I thinking of me
I don't think of anything

There's sickness in dreams
There's no cure for anything
Only to wake up by yourself
Moving independently
Track Name: Me On Myself
I'm not living without you
I feel weak and I feel lost and I feel like shit when I get tossed
Im not singing without you
Wont you speak, without you I'm lost and I feel shit, so I'm still tossed
I cant do it without you
I shook off the strings of my soul, it made me feel sick,
but now I feel whole
I'm not sleeping without you
One day well all dissapear,
but when your not here I hope its near
Im not me without you
Track Name: The North
It's a different storm tonight
It doesnt let me sleep just right
It finds a way into my room
Then calls me out for not putting up a fight

It came in as you left
It only hits me when I let it
It calls me up at any time
To let me know it made it on the news

Sometimes it sounds just like you
At its worst its pulling off the roof
At its best its growing out the garden
Our sacred harvest

The storm, its tearing at the surface
The storm, I wish you were here with me
The at least, we could drown together
The north, I wish it wasnt so far