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Carson May
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Carson May Really relatable listen. Favorite track: Learning How to Make Friends.
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This is a collection of 10 songs about growing into the next stage of my life as i enter the last semester of undergraduate school.


released July 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Caring Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Caring is the solo project of multi- instrumentalist Sean Schutt, Sorry.

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Track Name: Learning How to Smile
If I’m on fire, I hope your my kerosene,
So that I can be immolated completely
Burn out my listlessness
Smoke choke the witnesses
Your ashes could make me feel whole

You’re humble pie, I wish I was a cherry bomb,
We would explode and be enveloped completely
id take a bite
youd blow right through my teeth
Then no one would be smiling

We are together, and although not family
Our tree is withered and eaten away
Youre the broken limbs
I am the fallen leaves
Were dried out and empty
Track Name: Learning How to Make Friends
People come to me
As far as I know
Youre here with me
Learning how to make friends
Learning how

"Be yourself"
Feeling self"less", not so giving.
Turn it over, you can smile now.
Track Name: Silver Skin
Your silver skin doesn’t feel good anymore
It cuts my mouth up good, I taste it when I’m bored
Like a blood soaked Atlantic, I’m salting my open sores
As i wade through our problems openly with you

I wont wrap myself around a silver tounge x2
You can talk to me until your face is blue
But in the end it wont be me it wont be you

You told me that your brittle bones
Cant take it anymore, cant take being bored
Like your search for the truth, I’m not leaving my home
We move ourselves together, hopelessly in tune

I wont wrap myself around a silver tounge x2
You can talk to me until your face is blue
But in the end it wont be me it wont be you
Track Name: Fuzzy (Natural)
These moving periods don’t keep me up long enough
So im going back to bed, gonna try to fill my head with fuzzy feelings, natural feelings
Feelings make me feel shit, its how I live my life and I just want to go back to bed, gonna close my stupid head with these feelings, fuzzy feelings, natural feelings
When you come up short do you feel less important, like me?
And your always tired, so you never stay up late, its hard to relate because, When youre growing up its only love
Track Name: Places
Your parts of me, have disagreed, but this time They will get down
Your head cold doesn’t get old, it doesn’t die,I Bet you died
Back in your bed, you told me that, “Truest Heart Beats Blue.”

I took that with me today, I wasn’t afraid for you, or me
When faced with people and spaces I cant speak for you
Fear doesn’t make you bleed, true, your heart doesn’t race with you

In these public places with people make something
Beautiful faces of ugly sons with yours missing
They're loving independently of what you can be

Yet you're back in your bed no head cold, only you
No figures or role models just these empty spaces
Whisper, “You wont make it in this free standing world”